7 octubre 2012

Rocrail and the raspberry-pi

Category: Electrónica,Raspberry pi,Rocrail — Manolo @ 18:42

Por fin he podido probar la raspberry pi que recibí en verano con rocrail. Como también voy a publicarlo en el foro de rocrail, lo he documentado en inglés… pero si cualquiera necesita ayuda en castellano, no hay más que pedirla.

Finally, I have been able to test the raspberry pi with rocrail, at least I have been able to compile and execute the program. I still need to check if the library use to generate the control signal over the serial port (ddx) works properly, and if the configuration for Loconet explained in the last posts is also working in raspberry. Anyway, the result is pretty cool and I do think ther rpi could become a nice DIY central station with my favourite control software.

Having rocrail in the rpi, makes it possible to have different contrlo clients: android, iphone, ipad, etc…

I have created a document trying to explain step by step how to make rocrail running in raspberry. It also contains some instruccions  to customise the rpi:

Setting up rocpi_v1.4

Please note that most of the information in the manual is coming from the forum and web-site in rocrail. The document, was built for my own use as repository of the ideas and steps I was following. Hope it is useful. I have also created a debian distribution for the raspberry… but I have not tested (feedback is welcome):