29 septiembre 2013


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I have finally produced a first board to test my rpic solution. At this stage I have only completely tested half of the circuit, the one related to the control of the  ucontroller and the interface with 4 buttons. There is another part of the circuit, basically copied from and Application Note from NXP to isolate the I2C bus. This is intended to be used to capture power consumption at the boosters and other parts of the layout – still not developed.


The firmware has not changed, which means that the use of the programing track is still not available… I have neither completed all the functionalities for the program commands.

2013-09-28 14.07.16 HDR

2013-09-28 14.09.21

As usual, the code repository has been updated




One interesting addition is a script to update the firmware from the raspberry pi. The script is from Daniel Perron  and I have just updated it to support the 16f1825 (which does not support in some revisions a basic erase command ). In the long term, it would be interesting to migrate the script from python to c, in order to integrate it with the daemon.

On the other hand, the daemon needs further work. Now that there is a reference implementation of rocnet, natural next step is to migrate and stop using the rpic library I created for testing. In this way, the rpic will be able to communicate with any rocrail server using rocnet… and I think rocnet is now supporting most of the things I was missing when I started this project.

Development is slow – I nearly have time for the hobby – but progressing.

3 junio 2013

Polipasto para la estructura aérea

Category: Construcción — Manolo @ 21:16

Finalmente hemos encontrado a alguien que pudiera mejorar el sistema de poleas que sirve para subir y bajar la maqueta al techo.


Además del polipasto para reducir el esfuerzo. Se ha mejorado la sujeción y estabilidad del eje que mueve el motor.


14 abril 2013

Repositorio para el material relacionado con la raspberry
Repository for the material related to the raspberry

Category: Electrónica,Raspberry pi,Rocrail — Manolo @ 12:24

A partir de ahora todo el material relacionado con el proyecto RPIC (raspberry and a PIC for rocrail) estará en un repositorio en launchpad, para facilitar el acceso al código y a las últimas versiones del manual «Setting up Rpic».

From now on, all the material related to the RPIC project (raspberry and a PIC for rocrail) will be hosted at a reposinoty in launchpad, in order to make easier the access to the code a nd last versions of the manual «Setting up Rpic».



11 abril 2013

RPICD: RPIC with daemon

Category: Electrónica,Raspberry pi,Rocrail — Manolo @ 21:52

After checking in the forum of rocrail, I have moved from the original idea of having everything package in the rocpi library  to a more HW independent approach.

In this new version, the rocpi library is just forwarding the commands through a TCP connection to the RPIC daemon, which is the one interfacing the GIPO in the raspberry pi and the serial port to access the ucontroller.

In this way rocrail can actually run on the raspberry –as it is my intention – or in any other platform, leaving the daemon the responsibility to interface the HW.

The firmware in the ucontroller has not changed from the previous post… Yeah, and I need to create a repository and a page to gather all the info related to the rpi.