11 abril 2013

RPICD: RPIC with daemon

Category: Electrónica,Raspberry pi,Rocrail — Manolo @ 21:52

After checking in the forum of rocrail, I have moved from the original idea of having everything package in the rocpi library  to a more HW independent approach.

In this new version, the rocpi library is just forwarding the commands through a TCP connection to the RPIC daemon, which is the one interfacing the GIPO in the raspberry pi and the serial port to access the ucontroller.

In this way rocrail can actually run on the raspberry –as it is my intention – or in any other platform, leaving the daemon the responsibility to interface the HW.

The firmware in the ucontroller has not changed from the previous post… Yeah, and I need to create a repository and a page to gather all the info related to the rpi.

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